Achieving a Utopian Gymnastics World with Jordyn Wieber – Episode 9


The Recap

Jordyn Wieber is a former American artistic gymnast and was a member of the US Women’s Gymnastics Team, the Fierce Five. Some of her achievements include being a 2012 Olympic gold medalist, 2011 World Champion, three-time American Cup champion, and two-time US National All-around champion. At a young age, after her parents noticed she was a muscular child, they decided to enroll her in gymnastics and she has continued with the sport ever since. She currently works as a volunteer gymnastics assistant coach at UCLA. In 2018, Jordyn as well as over 200 other survivors were awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s.    

In this episode, Jordyn speaks about her beginnings as a gymnast and how she was always mature, even as a child. Jordyn also speaks about what it was like being Sam’s roommate for a year! She explains her fear of being late to practice and her need for an outlet for competitiveness, as well as her interest in psychology and how she believes the Enneagram test can help athletes understand their and their teammates’ personalities more. Jordyn continuously strives to make gymnastics a safe sport by dismantling the win-at-all-costs mentality to give athletes better opportunities to be successful safely.

Episode Highlights

  • 03:04 – Jordyn’s first memory of Sam
  • 03:38 – Sam’s first memory of Jordyn
  • 05:12 – Why did Jordyn choose to do gymnastics
  • 07:55 – Has Jordyn’s competitiveness changed since retiring from gymnastics
  • 10:01 – Jordyn has always felt more mature than her age, even as a child
  • 12:06 – Why it’s important to make friends in gymnastics
  • 12:48 – When did Jordyn know she wanted to go to the Olympics
  • 14:46 – What was the toughest obstacle for Jordyn in gymnastics
  • 17:12 – Did Jordyn think she became a better gymnast after her injury
  • 18:02 – Did becoming a 2011 World Champion put more pressure on Jordyn or did it give her more confidence
  • 19:19 – What was Jordyn’s mindset like on January 1, 2012
  • 22:40 – What was Jordyn’s peak and valley in 2012
  • 24:14 – When did Jordyn decide she wanted to come to UCLA and be part of a team
  • 26:06 – Is there any part of Jordyn that wishes she gave back her money or status as a professional athlete to compete in college
  • 28:03 – What does Jordyn love about being a volunteer assistant coach
  • 29:39 – What unique thing Jordyn can offer gymnasts as a coach
  • 31:22 – Jordyn explains the Enneagram test and how it can help you understand yourself and others
  • 36:26 – What is Jordyn going to do as a coach to help her athletes get out of a bad mood and become more productive
  • 38:31 – What’s one thing Jordyn is thankful for in gymnastics
  • 40:20 – Jordyn speaks about her experience at the ESPY’s and what that experience meant to her
  • 44:18 – What changes need to happen to achieve a utopian form of gymnastics
  • 50:53 – Sports has the amazing potential to give life-changing lessons
  • 51:50 – Self-motivation is vital to become a successful gymnast
  • 54:20 – How long has Jordyn and Chris Brooks been dating
  • 59:48 – Jordyn’s advice for listeners to do one thing to get one percent better each day

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