All-Around Greatness with Courtney Kupets Carter – Season 2 Episode 8

The Recap

Sam welcomes 2004 Olympic silver medalist and individual bronze medalist on bars, Courtney Kupets Carter. In addition to her Olympic accolades, Courtney was a member of the 2003 gold medal-winning World Championship Team and a two-time Elite National Champion. She helped lead the University of Georgia to four National Championship titles from 2005 – 2009. Individually, she won eight SEC event championships, nine NCAA titles, and was a fifteen-time All-American. She is the only NCAA gymnast ever to win an individual championship on all four events and the all-around title. She currently holds the position of head coach of the women’s gymnastics team at the University of Georgia.

In this episode, Sam and Courtney talk about Courtney’s illustrious gymnastics career spanning Elites, collegiate, and the Olympic Games. Courtney talks about the peaks and valleys of her Olympic experience, as well as the tour she went on post-Olympics. As the head coach at her alma mater, Courtney describes the unique dynamic of working with her former collegiate coach and now current assistant coach, Suzanne Yoculan Leebern. Courtney describes her love of coaching and the great pride she feels for her athletes. She breaks down Georgia’s latest meet against the University of Kentucky and lists some of the goals she has for the remainder of the season. Courtney discusses how she effectively balances her work life with her family. As the mother of three children, Courtney certainly has her hands full. Finally, Courtney leaves the audience with advice on how they can improve each day by overcoming struggle and persevering through life’s challenges.

Episode Highlights

  • 01:01 – Sam thanks her sponsors, Tumbl Trak and Destira
  • 01:47 – Introducing today’s guest, Courtney Kupets Carter
  • 03:36 – Sam and Courtney recall early memories of each other
  • 06:08 – Courtney’s gymnastics background
  • 08:03 – The moment she knew she wanted to go to the Olympics
  • 10:34 – Courtney’s training regimen for Elites
  • 13:51 – Favorite event and skill to perform when she used to compete
  • 15:45 – Peaks and valleys of Courtney’s Olympic experience
  • 20:57 – Courtney discusses the unique blend of young and experienced teammates at the Olympic Games
  • 23:27 – How Courtney approaches her athletes’ injuries as a coach
  • 25:42 – Going on tour post-Olympics
  • 27:20 – The decision to attend and compete at the University of Georgia
  • 28:36 – The most important lesson Courtney took away from going from Elite to collegiate gymnastics
  • 32:34 – Sam takes a moment to thank her sponsors once again
  • 33:57 – Courtney breaks down the latest meet against the University of Kentucky
  • 42:28 – Courtney shares her team’s goals for the remainder of the season
  • 43:31 – How she decided to upgrade Rachel Dixon’s vault
  • 46:39 – Goals for the postseason
  • 47:18 – Courtney shares her thoughts on the new postseason format
  • 49:48 – Prediction on which teams be the Final Four on the Floor
  • 52:11 – The unique challenges of coaching, rather than competing, in gymnastics
  • 53:26 – The coaches that Courtney looks up to as role models
  • 55:36 – How broadcasting led Courtney to her coaching career
  • 57:33 – Courtney’s relationship with her former coach, and now assistant coach, Suzanne Yoculan Leebern
  • 59:33 – Courtney speaks to the situation with Georgia Elite gymnastics
  • 1:02:56 – The main message Courtney wants her athletes to walk away with
  • 1:03:57 – Tips she has given her athletes to improve their mental toughness
  • 1:07:22 – Courtney names one gymnast she would poach if given the chance
  • 1:07:58 – How it feels to see herself on the wall in the arena
  • 1:09:35 – How Courtney balances work and family
  • 1:11:23 – She talks about her children, Brooklyn, Bentley, and Savannah
  • 1:14:17 – Courtney reveals one thing people can do to get 1% better each day

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