Celebrating the Legacy of Miss Val with Ariana Berlin Rotstein & Danusia Francis – Season 2 Episode 12

The Recap

It was alumni weekend at UCLA and Sam has two very special guests on the podcast to celebrate. First, gymnast, dancer and film actor Ariana Berlin Rotstein joins the show to discuss the flash mob sendoff she and the other UCLA alumni gave to Miss Val at her last meet as Head Coach. Next, international gymnast, Danusia Francis shares her favorite memories of Miss Val and discusses her plans to compete and qualify for the 2020 Olympics. Both Ariana and Danusia talk about their experiences competing for UCLA and give their predictions for which teams with be the Four on the Floor. It comes as no shock that both picked the Bruins to represent and compete for a championship!

Episode Highlights

  • 00:53 – Sam thanks her sponsors, Tumbl Trak and Destira
  • 01:44 – Introducing today’s first guest, Ariana Berlin
  • 04:23 – Sam and Ariana recall early memories of each other
  • 08:35 – Highlights from Coach Val’s last UCLA meet
  • 11:29 – The surprise ending to UCLA’s meet
  • 17:14 – Ariana gives her prediction on which teams be the Final Four on the Floor
  • 19:31 – Ariana talks about the celebrity and alumni turnout for Miss Val
  • 22:21 – The Miss Val lesson that Ariana still remembers today
  • 23:12 – Ariana’s relationship with Miss Val and UCLA gymnastics post-graduation
  • 24:31 – The biggest fight Ariana had with Miss Val
  • 26:53 – Ariana’s most challenging moment at UCLA
  • 28:37 – Ariana’s most memorable moment at UCLA
  • 29:32 – Sam recalls the intense training of UCLA gymnastics
  • 31:35 – One lesson Ariana believes she has taught Miss Val
  • 33:02 – Ariana talks about potentially returning to teach floor
  • 33:57 – Ariana recalls some of her favorite floor routines over the years
  • 36:05 – Ariana describes the feeling of having a movie made about her comeback
  • 39:42 – Transitioning from student athlete to the next step in life
  • 44:25 – Ariana reveals one thing people can do to get 1% better each day
  • 45:24 – Where to follow Ariana
  • 46:11 – Sam takes a moment to thank her sponsors once again
  • 47:10 – Introducing today’s second guest, Danusia Francis
  • 48:41 – Sam and Danusia recall early memories of each other
  • 53:40 – Danusia talks about highlights from UCLA’s latest meet
  • 55:16 – What has impressed Danusia most about this year’s UCLA women’s gymnastics team
  • 57:54 – Danusia gives her prediction on which teams be the Final Four on the Floor
  • 59:47 – The emotions Danusia felt during Miss Val’s last meet
  • 1:00:49 – The Woodward Meetings
  • 1:02:47 – The Miss Val lesson that Danusia still remembers today
  • 1:05:07 – The biggest fight Danusia had with Miss Val
  • 1:08:26 – Danusia talks about meeting up with Miss Val in London
  • 1:09:25 – Danusia’s decision to attend UCLA
  • 1:11:24 – The culture shock Danusia experienced while in the U.S.
  • 1:12:45 – Danusia’s favorite class she ever took at UCLA
  • 1:14:39 – One lesson Danusia believes she has taught Miss Val
  • 1:16:24 – Danusia answers more fan questions
  • 1:19:58 – Sam invites Danusia to do a Beam Queen Boot Camp session
  • 1:20:47 – Danusia reveals one thing people can do to get 1% better each day
  • 1:21:31 – Sam and Danusia share one thing they are grateful for

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