How To Reach Your Athletic Peak with Mary Lee Tracy – Episode 1

The Recap

If you aspire to be fantastic gymnast like Samantha Peszek, you need an equally great coach. In this episode, Sam welcomes Mary Lee Tracy, a coach who has taught gymnastic legends such as Jaycie Phelps, Amanda Borden, and Amelia Hundley. Mary discusses confidence, what makes a great coach, and how to be a 24-hour athlete.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:16 What is the “IT” factor of a young gymnast
  • 6:30 How to build the confidence of a young gymnast
  • 13:10 The relationship between coaches and gymnast’s parents
  • 15:00 Who was the most and least confident gymnast Mary trained?
  • 18:30 The difference between JO and Elite training
  • 21:30 How to be a 24-hour athlete
  • 24:20 The nutrition aspect of being a gymnast
  • 27:50 What makes a great coach
  • 30:00 How to get an athlete to peak at the right time
  • 32:46 What to expect from an athlete with an injury
  • 35:45 What is the most important thing in a workout
  • 39:05 How to get an athlete out of a rut
  • 42:45 How to turn a JO athlete to an Elite athlete
  • 45:30 How to improve every day

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