The Ins and Outs of College Recruiting with Jill Hicks – Episode 3


The Recap

Jill Hicks, known as the “College Recruiting Expert” tells us in this episode about her journey with college gymnastics as well as some advice for parents, coaches, and aspiring young gymnasts. Over time, the college recruiting process for gymnastics has drastically changed. Jill’s consulting company, Jill Hicks Consulting LLC, strives to market her support for college-bound gymnastics to choose what the best fit is for them. Jill reiterates that passion and love for the sport are key to being a successful college gymnast, no matter what division. She also states that having a support system leads to girls to become more confident, which makes the college recruitment process easier to go through.

Episode Highlights

  • 02:40 – Sam’s first memory of Jill
  • 04:16 – Jill’s history and beginning with college gymnastics
  • 06:56 – Sam always knew she wanted to do college gymnastics
  • 08:07 – Parents play a key role in being a support system for young gymnasts and the recruiting process
  • 09:04 – What’s the perfect balance of involvement for parents
  • 10:25 – The red flag of recruiting dis-passionate athletes
  • 10:54 – What does it take to be recruited into college gymnastics
  • 11:47 – The two things that sets a recruit apart
  • 13:12 – Having heart and genuine love for the sport is vital in college gymnastics
  • 15:33 – Choosing the right school for you
  • 18:36 – Finding a team that you can truly contribute to
  • 20:16 – Jill’s advice for younger girls in looking for schools
  • 23:24 – How college gymnastics recruitment used to be in the “old days”
  • 24:47 – Being patient is okay
  • 26:58 – Friends and relationships on teams shouldn’t dictate which college you should choose
  • 27:48 – How Sam knew UCLA was the right choice for her
  • 30:10 – Jill’s proudest moments of helping someone go to college
  • 34:51 – The “intangibles” that colleges look for in recruits
  • 37:35 – Something that J.O. and elite coaches can teach their girls to be team players in college
  • 40:35 – Jill’s Gymnastics Goal Guide for young girls
  • 41:54 – Having a voice and taking ownership of training in gymnastics
  • 42:59 – Who can join acro-tumbling and what skills is needed
  • 44:48 – Gymnasts and weight lifting
  • 45:43 – No matter what, your team is your family
  • 47:14 – One thing you can do to get one percent better each day is to make each day your masterpiece

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