Using Gymnastics Experience and a VIRAL Platform to Change the World with Katelyn Ohashi – Season 2 Episode 3

The Recap

Sam welcomes to the podcast collegiate gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi. Katelyn’s gymnastics resume is as impressive as it is extensive. She was a four-time member of USA Gymnastics’ Junior National Team, the 2011 junior national champion and 2013 American Cup champion. Katelyn is also a six-time All-American at UCLA where she helped her team win the 2018 NCAA championship title last year. In that same national championship run, Katelyn was the co-champion on floor exercise. She recently scored a perfect ten at the 2019 Collegiate Challenge and her floor routine was so impressive that it has gone viral with over six million views on YouTube alone!

In this episode, Sam and Katelyn recall early memories of their friendship, including a recent trip they took to Alaska. They bond over their mutual love for gymnastics, UCLA and Miss Val. Katelyn discusses her latest floor routine, where she score a perfect ten, and how she feels about being a viral sensation. She talks about some of the projects she has been working on, including a partnership with The Players’ Tribune, a digital platform where athletes can publish their stories. Katelyn opens up about the importance of maintaining a positive body image outlook as a gymnast. She shares the struggles she has faced in finding her own voice and the joy she now feels having found it. Finally, Katelyn discusses her plans for the future. She hopes to become a published author of poetry, break into the entertainment industry, and grow her platform to help speak out against domestic violence.

Episode Highlights

  • 01:02 – Sam thanks her sponsors, Tumbl Trak and Destira
  • 01:46 – Introducing today’s guest, Katelyn Ohashi
  • 03:13 – Sam and Katelyn recall early memories of their friendship
  • 04:46 – Breaking down the most recent meet that Katelyn competed in
  • 08:23 – Katelyn reaction to receiving a 9.975 on beam
  • 09:47 – Katelyn answers fan questions
  • 13:52 – The reaction Katelyn got from opposing PAC-12 teams after her routine
  • 15:42 – The ideal floor lineup Katelyn would like to see
  • 17:40 – Where Katelyn gets her confidence from
  • 20:06 – Miss Val’s best traits
  • 22:58 – Sam’s favorite Katelyn & Miss Val story
  • 25:25 – How Katelyn’s mindset has evolved over the years
  • 26:42 – The leadership style Katelyn brings to her team
  • 28:40 – Sam and Katelyn talk about retiring from the sport of gymnastics
  • 30:07 – Sam takes a moment to thank her sponsors once again
  • 31:17 – Why Katelyn chose to attend UCLA
  • 37:05 – The partnership between Katelyn and The Players’ Tribune
  • 39:41 – Why Katelyn decided to retire from Elite Gymnastics
  • 43:45 – The importance of positive self-imaging
  • 44:48 – The positive and negative impact social media has had on body imaging
  • 48:57 – How Katelyn overcomes anxiety and mental health challenges in and out of gymnastics
  • 52:06 – The advice Katelyn would give to her fourteen-year-old self
  • 53:48 – Katelyn’s goals for the future
  • 55:40 – Katelyn’s immediate plans after graduation
  • 58:03 – The secret to UCLA’s success
  • 59:18 – Katelyn shares her thoughts on the new NCAA postseason format
  • 59:50 – Katelyn gives her predictions on which teams be the Final Four on the Floor
  • 1:01:31 – Katelyn’s thoughts on marriage
  • 1:02:15 – The story behind the Alaska coat
  • 1:05:42 – Katelyn reveals one thing people can do to get 1% better each day

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