Will She or Won’t She…Go for 2020 with Mykayla Skinner – Season 2 Episode 5

The Recap

Sam welcomes her close friend, Mykayla Skinner. Mykayla competed for Team USA at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships, winning a team gold both years and a bronze medal on vault in 2014. She also won nine total medals at the USA Gymnastics National Championships during her senior career. Mykayla is currently a junior at the University of Utah, where she has already won two NCAA titles, one in floor and one in vault. Mykayla has had quite the career thus far and isn’t done yet!

In this episode, Sam and Mykayla discuss what has made Mykayla such a consistent competitor in her collegiate and Elite careers. Mykayla credits her confidence and belief in herself as two of the main components of that consistency. They talk about the major differences between Elite and collegiate gymnastics, including the different training and conditioning routines and expectations for each. Mykayla talks about the 2016 Olympic trial process and her experience as an alternate. Mykayla shares the reason why she chose to attend the University of Utah and why it was the best decision for her. She talks her coaches Megan and Tom, as well as her freshman teammates. Finally, Mykayla discusses her plans post-college and her personal and professional dreams for the future.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:57 – Sam thanks her sponsors, Tumbl Trak and Destira
  • 01:48 – Introducing Mykayla Skinner
  • 02:58 – Sam and Mykayla recall early memories of their friendships
  • 06:08 – Mykayla breaks down Utah’s latest meet against Arizona State
  • 10:11 – How Mykayla remains so consistent in her competitions
  • 11:20 – What Mykayla does to differentiate herself from other gymnasts
  • 13:12 – Where Mykayla gets her confidence
  • 15:14 – Mykayla answers fan questions
  • 18:33 – Why Mykayla continued to incorporate the double-double in her routine
  • 22:44 – Mykayla’s favorite skill to compete
  • 23:47 – How Mykayla avoids the negativity of social media
  • 27:30 – Balancing schoolwork and gymnastics
  • 28:28 – The differences between Elite and collegiate gymnastics
  • 31:28 – Mykayla discusses her biggest rivals in college and Elite
  • 32:38 – The reason she chose to attend the University of Utah
  • 33:51 – Mykayla shares her thoughts on the new NCAA postseason format
  • 36:54 – Mykayla gives her prediction on which teams be the Final Four on the Floor
  • 37:47 – Sam takes a moment to thank her sponsors once again
  • 39:01 – How Mykayla has worked to become a complete all-around gymnast
  • 41:23 – Mykayla describes her coaches Megan Marsden and Tom Farden
  • 44:37 – The freshman class of gymnasts
  • 48:36 – Mykayla’s closest friend on her team
  • 49:53 – Mykayla answers fan questions about Elite gymnastics
  • 51:13 – The process of being an Olympic alternate
  • 53:16 – Mykayla discusses her pending decision on the 2020 Olympic Games
  • 56:21 – The emotions Mykayla felt after being named an alternate for the 2016 Olympic Games
  • 57:29 – The 2016 Olympic trial process
  • 59:17 – How Mykayla’s experience as an alternate fueled her to perform even better in college
  • 1:02:01 – Mykayla’s plans for after college
  • 1:04:15 – Mykayla on getting married and starting a family
  • 1:06:41 – Mykayla reveals one thing people can do to get 1% better each day

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